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239 Swinton DB 8:12 $80k

Understanding the 203K Loan

So you are ready to Rehab a home.  You have seen the shows on TV and boy they make it look so easy.  We will leave the construction tips for a future article and focus on the most important part – finding the money. The problem here is banks aren’t real keen on loaning money […]

115 Barefool 245k April

Understanding HOA Rules in Delray Beach

So you came on vacation and now you got the “I’m Moving to Fl bug” like so many of us do. If you are like me coming from the North you are used to doing things like mowing your own lawn and raking the leaves. “Keeps me in shape”, you say to your friends. Well […]

260 NE 3rd DB 7_12 $2450

Pineapple Grove Delray Beach

Well you want to live downtown and where better to live right in the heart of the action in Pineapple Grove Delray Beach.  Getting its name in 1988 the grove have gone through a number of beautification and up dating projects.  Note ably one of the strongest and most involved communities in the area its […]